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hair loss in teens

hi, so im a young girl and for about a year now ive been experiencing hair loss. my hair began thinning at the top and eventually began falling out, leaving me with quite noticeable bald spots. i went to the doctor and they ran a series of blood tests on me, including testosterone and androgen levels to rule out pcos. they came back normal with only my blood count a little low and my shgb low. ive been referred to dermatology but that might take a while
in the meantime, is there anything i could use to help my hair grow back? ive recently began taking hair, skin and nail vitamins but not long enough to show a difference
obviously with losing my hair it's made me quite self-conscious, especially going to a secondary school where people do notice it and sometimes even comment on it
my hair also gets greasy very quickly, even a day after its been washed. my ends are very healthy and my hair is naturally curly anyways, so the bottom of my hair is perfectly fine it's just the top that is thinning and losing hair rapidly
any recommendations for hair growth?

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