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So I have to do an NEA for English language and I am currently debating between comparing Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss’ first speech as PM, where I will talk about the language used and consider context like they are both minorities. However, I am unsure on what AO2 theorist to use for this. My 2nd idea is comparing Truss’ and Boris Johnson’ resignation speeches and the language of apology and failure. I would really appreciate advice.
I need to do a Edexcel English Literature and Language NEA .It difficult to make sensible suggestion because I don't know the Exam board. It could be OCR English language or AQA. I would repost with a revision of the title because there will be person who is also studying your syllabus who may help you.

AQA looking at these features:
Assessment objectives:

AO2: Demonstrate critical understanding of concepts and issues relevant to language use.

phonetics, phonology and prosodics: how speech sounds and effects are articulated and analysed

graphology: the visual aspects of textual design and appearance
lexis and semantics: the vocabulary of English, including social and historical variation
grammar, including morphology: the structural patterns and shapes of English at sentence, clause, phrase and word level
pragmatics: the contextual aspects of language use
discourse: extended stretches of communication occurring in different genres, modes and contexts.

"I am unsure on what AO2 theorist to use for this..." This suggest OCR?- I would go for a comparative study on the resignation speeches of Truss and Boris and the language of apology.

Reflecting of the differences of the sexes in their respective apologies
Tannen, Deborah
difference model of gendered language
identifies a range of differences between male and female
speech, for example focuses on concepts of status vs

Alternatively your first choice comparing Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss’ first speech as PM
Trudgill, Peter
research into language, class and gender; saw women’s
speech as more socially aspirational
dialect levelling

* May ethnicity

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