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for girls, how long did it take... watch

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    how many months/times etc did it take you to come through penetrative sex? ive been sleeping with my bf for around a month and still havent although he can make me orgasm through other ways
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    I cant that way and doubt i ever will. But apparently its not easy for every woman to do so.

    It doesnt bother me as its just as good without but i understand it can be frustrating and frustration means its harder to achieve that goal.
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    Feel lucky he can actually make you come in other ways at least, mine can't do either way. Not that i don't enjoy it anyway..
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    I've never came through sex alone, but have used things like a small vibrator or **** ring during sex which has worked wonders! But I still enjoy having sex without using those things cause you don't have to come to have a good time!
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    Before I started having sex with my boyfriend, I knew I wouldn't be able to come through sex because vaginal stimulation has never made me orgasm, only clitoral. So when we began to have sex, even though it was immensely enjoyable, I never expected to come, so he'd always help me out after he'd come. But then about a month or so into our sexual relationship, one time during sex I experience this build-up of pressure and all of a sudden, I came! It was such an unexpected yet fantastic surprise. I now come every time, and I think it's a mixture of muscle-tensing, and pressure on my clitoris from him on top. So don't give up hope..
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    Years. Didn't really have much luck til I slept with a guy with a smaller penis, ironically. These days it happens often enough not to be too depressing, but still rarely enough to be a nice surprise when it does. I'd pretty much second a lot of what anonymous #5 said, actually, though it's taken me longer and I've been a tad less successful.

    once in the whole 15 months of our relationship... Doesn't bother me though as either me or him will just touch my clit during and I don't need much of that..... means I sometimes get impatient though, and can never be bothered to wait for it without touching myself.....

    I've been having sex for five years and I've never had an orgasm as a result of penetration.

    Before anyone says it - no, my partners were not all rubbish in bed. My noise levels would testify to their prowess

    (Original post by junglemonkey)
    I've only managed this amazing feat 3 times in the 2 and a half years I've been going out with my boyfriend. It is extremely frustrating to get so far and then... nothing.

    Granted I was on anti-depressants for a lot of that time but still, I'm off them now and I'm having no luck.
    i think it may be time for your

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