The Student Room Group

Stratford One, Unite Students Building Tenancy takeover (1 Month free)

The accommodation is Stratford One, 2101, R.C, 1 International Way, London E20 1GS

Check In: 18/12/2022 (1 Month free before next installment fee)
Check Out 24/06/2023

Floor 13

Next payment installment: (potentially £31.35 minus from next installment if my previous credit appears in account in time)

23/01/2023 - Rent instalment 2 £3,453.33
24/04/2023 - Rent instalment 3 £3,453.34

Benefits include:
- 24 Hour security
- Study, cinema, karaoke, gym and games room
- Regular student events

please message me on here.

Reason I'm not staying here is because I decided I don't want to live in London anymore and commute instead next year. Which is why the move in date is December 18th. This accommodation is really worth it.

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