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Biochemistry vs Biomedical

Can anyone tell me differences between biochemistry and biomedical? I plan to study one of these two but still confuse between them. Can you give me some career examples for each? :smile:
So biochemistry is more of the very small-scale chemistry of biology (cellular and molecular) of humans, plants and other organisms but has some cross-over with biomedical science whereas biomed is more on a larger scale, looking at disease, physiology etc. more human-focused but still with some cross over with biochem. Biochem is definitely more broad. If you love molecular biology, cycles etc. you will enjoy biochem but if you enjoy more medical stuff but not full-on medicine biomed would be for you. Sorry it makes sense in my brain LOL. I would recommend you compare the course structures on uni websites.
Biomedical sciences is basically medicine without the clinical aspects and not much anatomy. It covers like human pharmacology, pathology, physiology and some biochemistry etc...

Biochemistry is literally everything chemistry relating to biology - including plants, bacteria etc... it covers the whole breadth of the life sciences not just human, though parts of it will relate to things like human metabolism etc...
Sorry to jump in.
If I want to go into cellular cancer and T2DM research after I finish my BSc in adult nursing, would a MSc in biomedicine suit best?

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