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'bodyweight circuit training' watch

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    I'm not a fan of the gym, but I've found this video of exercises to do at home without any equipment. I had a go at it, doing each exercise about 15 times and I'm feeling it now (I am quite unfit).

    I just wanted to know anyones opinons on the video and if you think it constitutes a decent workout to do 3 times a week? Obviously it must be better than nothing


    (Original post by Freud)
    Obviously it must be better than nothing

    Bodyweight exercises are a good way of keeping fit, losing fat, building muscle, improving your conditioning, etc.

    Personally that video isn't the best, it is overly complicated (why do 20+ exercises per workout when 4ish can do the job just as well?), it is a bit much for a beginner and it wasn't particularly balanced (lots of leg and pec work, little if anything for the back, which could in itself make you more prone to injury and mess with your posture).

    Check out Burpee conditioning (it's mentioned in the Fitness Sticky) and Rosstraining (again, mentioned in the sticky, check out 'No Excuses', 'Deck of Cards', etc down at the bottom). http://www.menshealth.com/cda/articl...00cee793cd____ is also worth checking out.

    Now these workouts are pretty intense, if you have difficulties doing one or more exercises, substitute it for something easier (eg; body rows for pullups, kneeling pushups for full pushups, etc), equally if they're too easy, change things, make it harder (eg; substitute one armed pressups for normal pressups, or add in some dumbbell work). Also, vary the exercises every now and again, keep your body guessing and improving.


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