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Looking for advice for a situation with my gas/electric supplier?

So, I live in a student have (lived in the same one for the past three years I've been at uni), and this year my landlord changed the way our bills are done - basically we used to just pay them a set amount every month which included bills, this year our bills are still a fixed amount every month but responsibility for gas and electric has been outsourced to a third party (UniHomes) so now we pay our landlord rent and this third party a set amount for our bills. Our supplier has been British Gas since we moved in three years ago and, even though we never paid them directly we still received mail from them (promotional stuff, info about when their engineers would be coming round for whatever reason etc.), so when I started receiving mail addressed to me, I didn't think there was any reason to pay much attention to it (I know that's really bad, but obviously I thought this UniHomes was responsible for the bills and as far as I knew everyone in the house had paid their monthly bills and we were used to receiving unimportant mail from them). That was until last week when I received a letter in the post addressed to me from British Gas for a final demand for unpaid bills dating back to July (when our new contract started and when our bills started going through UniHomes) for £830 that I was apparently liable for. It turns out that somehow an account had been set up with British Gas in my name (without my knowledge or consent) and, therefore, although everyone in the house had been paying their bills to UniHomes, it was never reaching British Gas because the account was in my name. UniHomes was very helpful and escalated my situation as soon as I called them to get the account taken out of my name and put into theirs although this situation is ongoing and I am now in communication with British Gas' legal representatives who are threatening legal action against me until they are able to verify that the British Gas account is taken out of my name. This has obviously been a bit of a headache but perfectly manageable since I know for a fact that neither I nor the other people in my household are liable for this money, everyone I've been in contact with has been very helpful and understanding, and the situation will be resolved once the account has been taken out of my name. My reason for writing this post is mainly to find out a) if anyone else has had this experience, and b) if anyone has any advice about dealing with UniHomes going forward? My main gripe is that, although I'm not liable for this money, the fact that this British Gas account was set up in my name using my details and subsequently went unpaid for several months, my credit score has absolutely flatlined. I'm a mature student (26) and was hoping to buy a house within the next couple of years - something which probably will not be possible now for some time - as well as making other things like getting credit (which I sometimes rely on since I support myself) impossible. UniHomes denied opening this account stating that they never give out client's information and that on the few times this kind of situation has occurred it has been the fault of the landlord, but I find this hard to believe since, as I said, I have been with the same landlord for three years and the British Gas account was only set up in July of this year when our bills were switched to UniHomes. But whoever's fault it was I wondered if there was anything I could do about it.Any advice??
We have had the exact same issue you describe. I live in a house of 4, including my girlfriend and she is the one who was named on the account. We've chased it up a few times over the past 6 weeks or so. Unihomes do seem helpful on the phone/email but ultimately nothing seems to have been resolved as we have also today received a letter from a debt collection agency. It's very frustrating and I hope it doesn't impact my girlfriends credit score. I'm not sure what next steps to take. It's interesting that this doesn't seem to be an isolated issue

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