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Why I do not recommend booking with Scape - based on true experiences

Scape Wembley represents the worst living experience that I've ever had in my entire life. Nothing could be worse. If there are negative stars I will give it negative 5 stars. That being said, if you don't want to live in hell, run from this place as fast as possible.

I stayed at Scape from Sept 2021 to June 2022, the whole time the place was a nightmare. The wifi/internet was as bad as it could ever be. There were an entire 2 months in 2021 (Sept to Nov) where there were constant internet issues and the wifi provider postponed solving the issues again and again. Many of my interviews, online tests, and assignments were hugely disrupted by the internet issue. Many students who live in the building had to run to Starbucks nearby every time they need to submit an assignment, it's just stupid.

The worst part of living at Scape is the construction noise. It will disrupt your whole life, especially if you are a student and need a quiet space for studying. The parking lot next to Scape is undergoing a big construction project (not sure what). Construction starts at 8 am and finishes at 5/6 pm, which means no sleep-ins for anybody who wants it. It goes on all day and I was not able to study or do any of my job interviews in my room. Anyone who knows the area of Wembley understands that there are a lot of construction projects in the area and the noises are particularly obvious (see my pictures from April to June 2022).

Speaking of noises, there are also boxpark and Wembley stadium. I would say do not live in Wembley at all if you like a quiet life. There will be regular soccer matches/concerts at Wembley stadium, and party noises from boxpark from Thursday to Saturday until very late at night (yes, you can hear them even on higher floors). The whole Wembley area becomes very crowded, chaotic, and noisy whenever a concert/soccer game goes on.

There are only 3 elevators in the whole tall building of Scape, and one of them often runs into some kind of issue which will take Scape quite some time to fix. So yes, you will spend a lot of time waiting for the elevator if you live on higher floors. They are particularly slow, and the trash cans are in the courtyard which you need to take the elevator down to get to them. This is a lot of effort and very tiring. I just can't believe the number of times when the elevator had issues.

It's not just the elevator which had issues, the washing machine which costs a fortune to use also had constant issues. Scape uses Circuit Laundry - this provider charges somewhere around £2.50 for a wash / £2 for a dry (don't remember the specific numbers). So you spend approx. £5 for each laundry. To save money I didn't wash my clothes too many times using the washing machine, I try to wash them by hand whenever I can.

It will be very, very hot during April to Sept for higher floor rooms that are facing the parking lot. Trust me! Very hot! There is no way that you could stay in the room on the higher floor during the summer w/t AC. And their stupid coloured curtains don't block out lights at all, which prevents me from falling asleep. I had to purchase a total blackout window film from Amazon to solve the issue. The design of the room is bad for light sleeper.

Wind hazards are also annoying at Scape. During the rainy months in the winter (Nov to Feb), on the higher floors, you hear the wind noises all the time.

And it's not even that convenient to travel to central London especially when there are tube strikes.

Lastly, I have not enjoyed interacting with the staff there. I would say most of them are unfriendly. Only a couple of the night staffers are kind and tried to help me solve issues. In April there was a change in the management team, and I heard it has been worse ever since the change in management.

I'm as specific and as articulate as I can in this instance because these are my true words and true experiences. Anywhere in London would offer better living experiences than Scape Wembley.

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