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Hi everyone,
I’m in my first year of sixth form, and I’m studying biology, psychology and maths. I’m not to keen on biology and psychology, but I absolutely love maths.

I find it extremely hard to concentrate and remember things so if you have any study/revision techniques and help I would greatly appreciate you putting them in the chat.

I’m also possible looking for a study buddy so any offers I would gladly accept.

Thank you, have a great day!!
For all of those subjects I would recommend physics and maths tutor. It’s a website with lots of useful resources. I finished psychology recently and I found PMT to be really helpful when it came to revision. Flashcards and mind maps helped me a lot with psychology too.

For all subjects, I would recommend using the blurting technique, and practicing past paper questions
As mentioned above, use the blurting technique! I do biology, chemistry & maths and find it helps me a lot. Another thing that I do when answering exam questions is write my answer then use a different colour for points I missed on the mark scheme and learn those as that’s what i forget.

Physicsandmathstutor is possibly one of the best revision websites, I also use savemyexams and Seneca learning a lot when trying to consolidate what I’ve learnt
Everything is dependent on your destination. Since I attended medical school, I would encourage you to consider which of the two subjects—psychology or math—you prefer and will find more enjoyable. Study math if you believe you'll perform better and if you enjoy it more. Only chemistry and biology are strongly advised. You can choose anything for the other two A levels.

As a medical student, please let me know!

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