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What do you need for GCSE textiles

im taking a GCSE textiles course, but im not sure what i actually need. my teacher has mentioned things in lessons (fineliners that bleed with water, fineliners that dont, embroidery thread, needles etc) but wont just give us an actual list of everything we need, and its hard to keep track of the things she mentions here and there. she also complained in lesson yesterday about us not all having 'textiles pencilcases' with everything in. is anyone just able to give me a rough list of things i might need?
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I took GCSE Textiles, and I currently take it at A-Level. My teachers actually gave us a textile pack that we could pay for from the school. It contained embroidery needles, different coloured embroidery threads, watercolour set with brushes, fineliner pens (that don't bleed/bleed with water like you mentiomed) fabric pens (for if you need to draw into fabric to make cutouts, etc) a set of art pencils(HB) , an art eraser (for smudging), 30cm ruler, tracing paper, an art set of pencils (we had a choice of watercolour pencils or normal ones, I guess it depends on what you're doing?), mini embroidery scissors, a needle threader(if you need it), oil pastels and charcoal pencils as well.

Sorry for the long list :biggrin: but hopefully this gives you an idea, ultimately the things you need will depend on what you're doing specifically, but this was the starting equipment I was given, so hope this helps.
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Thankyou so much! I did look for something like that from school/online, but didnt seem to find anything :frown:This list really helps though, thanks again :smile:

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