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What unis are the best to study this course...
As an undergrad it makes no difference. The better universities generally will give you name brand recognition, better tutors and hopefully better facilities, but that's it. If you have the choice between Durham and Northumbria, you should obviously choose Durham - but outside of the general rep of the uni, you're not gaining much in terms of the subject specifically.
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What unis are the best to study this course...

Hi @Lolaaaa1

Deciding on what uni to go to and what course to study can be a daunting thing so well done on deciding on what course you are interested in so far. When it comes to choosing what university is best for you I found that visiting the university in person or virtually is the best was to go as you can find out first hand more about the course you are interested as well as get a feel for what life would be like as a student at the university. Also by learning more about the course and the modules you will be taking will help you get a feel for what you like and don't like, as I found that not one course suits all it's all about what you want to learn and what you are interested in.

I hope this has helped and good luck with your studies :smile:

Northumbria University UG Rep
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What unis are the best to study this course...

I do Criminology and Sociology at the University of Kent, when looking into universities you will need to research which will best fit you and your predicted grades. You will also need to look into the modules offered, area around the university, facilities and whether you would like to do a year abroad. What initially interested me to apply for Kent was the on campus facilities such as the clubs and shops, the accessibility to the main town and the course itself! In criminology I have really enjoyed the theoretical approaches and different perspectives as well as the case studies we have looked into :smile: This is also offered with a year abroad if this interests you, it gives you the chance to experience a different culture and study at one of Kent's partnered universities.
Hope this helps!
- Malek
University of Kent Reps
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What unis are the best to study this course...

Hey @Lolaaaa1 :smile:

How are you? I just wanted to check in and see if you'd had any thoughts about what university you wanted to study at or whether you'd booked onto any upcoming open days? Like others have said below, attending an open day is a fantastic way to find out more about the course, meet the academics who will be teaching you and chat to current students to find out what it's really like to be a student there :smile:

If you can't wait for an open day you can also see if the universities have any virtual experiences, where you can take a tour of the facilities from the comfort of your own home, or can speak to any of their students directly for example.

If you're interested in finding any information about our Criminology and Criminal Behaviour course please do just let me know and I can provide you with more information or answer any questions you might have :smile:

Good luck with your decision, I wish you the very best of luck whichever university you decide to choose.

Original post by Lolaaaa1
What unis are the best to study this course...

Hi there! :smile: My name is Aimee and I’m a third year criminology and criminal behaviour student. I would advise first that you attend open days and events at your chosen university to speak with academics and students. This helps you decide because you will be told about your modules, experiences and get an honest opinion from the students who are already studying the course. You will also get a “feel” for the university by visiting the campus.
Applicant experience days are also great, if offered, because it can differentiate if it’s criminology you want to study for psychology for example.
Ask yourself, what do I want to learn/know about criminology because if you visit websites you can often look at modules that you will be studying.
I know my university and potentially others may offer a route into policing in your second year which can be very beneficial.
I hope that you enjoy the course, when you apply! :smile:

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