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What are the best resources for Personal Statement writing?

When writing a personal statement, it can feel like a completely new challenge. That's why having some really useful resources on hand can be so helpful for all the different stages, such as getting started, deep in the depths of writing and putting the finishing touches on.

Here are some of our favourite personal statement resources:

Want to see some examples of real personal statements for your subject? Check out TSR's personal statement library here >>

Get the lowdown on all the important information you need to know to get started, written by personal statement reviewers, in this FAQ thread >>

Need some help on top tips or things to avoid? Read these articles in our personal statement hub to get prepped for drafting your best work >>

Ask your own question about personal statements in our personal statement advice forum >>

What are some of your favourite resources, or things that have helped you so far? Add them to this thread!

*Disclaimer: PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY PART OF YOUR PERSONAL STATEMENT ON THE PUBLIC FORUM. If this happens, there is a chance that it will be plagiarised, or that it will be cached by Google, and therefore come up on the plagiarism check on UCAS.*
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