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Car repairs advice?

I have the worst luck when it comes to cars, My first car a corsa 2011 I spent 3k on lasted 1 year to one day have its body control module go... which is a rare thing to go and an impossible part to replace as its no longer sourced. My luck well that car gets scrapped for 500 quid compare to what I could sell for was crap but we move.

I need a car so I sort of panic buy a cheap run around a Ford fiesta spent 900 on it, had 5 months until its mot which its just failed. Now the cars not worth alot and repair wise it needs a new exhaust, corroded break pipes replaces and a couple other things I can't remember there sending me a detailed list. Anyways cost of repairs is around 600-700 the garage has said.

They were honest to say is it worth it due to the value of the car. But my issue is I need a car and I'm a clueless girl with not alot of money to buy a new car. Scrapping this car and buying a new cheap run around to likely fail its mot seems silly to me and I hsve no one to check it over for me and my budget wud be a grand.

Is it best to get the repairs done and have the Ford for the next year with no problems. And if I am to sell it before its next mot how much do you reckon I could get from it from selling privately?
Depending on the other things, if it just needs the exhaust and brake pipes to pass I'd do it and get a decently reliable car for a year rather that roll the cheap dice again and likely end up with something just as bad or worse. Hard to say what resale value would be, but a good bit of MOT, new exhaust and brake pipes are all selling points for cheap cars.

(Do you mean the garage said it was or wasn't worth going ahead? I can see them saying no based on the cars market value, but it really comes down to what having a working car is worth to you right now)

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