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Number of exams to take for Edexcel Maths A Level?


I was wondering how many exams you had to take for the Edexcel Maths A Level 2023.

In Pearson's 'Summer 2023 Examination Timetable - FINAL', it lists 2 AS exams (8MA0 01 and 8MA0 02: Pure and Stats and Mechanics [MAY]) along with 3 A Level exams (9MA01 01-03: Pure 1, Pure 2 and Stats and Mechanics [JUNE]).

Have I got to take 5 exams (AS + A Level) or could I just do the 3 A Level exams and be awarded the certificate for the 2023 exams?

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What year are you in? You wouldnt sit both the AS and A level papers. If you’re in year 13/2nd year of the A level, then you’ll be sitting the A level papers, and so 3 papers. If you’re in year 12/1st year of the A level, then you would sit the AS papers and so only 2 papers
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I'm doing these externally and need the entire A Level completed in 1 year.

So I've got to do both the AS and A Level papers to be awarded the A Level?
No , you will only do the alevel papers ( 3 papers) and you'll be awarded the alevel. The as exams are only for people who may have chosen mathematics initially for A-levels but don't want to continue with or ppl who want to do maths at an advanced but may not have the time or just don't want to do the full alevel.

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