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Having doubts about choosing to do a dual degree

I just started my first year at doing a Maths and Computer Science Masters, and I am having second thoughts about choosing to do computer science with the maths. I had little to no previous experience in computer science prior to choosing to do the course and I thought I could handle it, but now I doubt it. I am having trouble with understanding the concepts in computer science or even caring about them. At this point, I am thinking I would've been better off just doing a masters in Maths, as it would allow me to put more focus on what I really want to do and get better grades. Do any of you think it would be a good idea to drop the computer science in favour of the maths? How good is a dual degree in actuality? Would it harm my future job prospects, internships or anything like that?
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This is pretty common. Combined degrees are often poorly designed and organised and leave students struggling to keep up (there's an assumption that combined students have the understanding and teaching that single honours students get).

If you're not enjoying it then talk to your tutor and student records office asap about whether a switch to single honours is possible - it will depend on the modules required for single honours and the regulations so might need exceptional approval if you have to switch modules at this point in the academic year.

Don't persist if you're not enjoying it this early on - the difficulty and requirement for self motivated study will only ramp up. You can always bring coding or comp sci concepts back into your degree at dissertation point if you want to using self studied codeacademy work.
Generally speaking, neither of the options will hinder your career prospects / internships / grad opportunities, unless you have a very specific career goal that required a very deep dive into either math or CS.
It all depends on your long-term career goals. What do you see yourself as in 10-20 years? Figure that out and work backwards to present time to understand your short-term plans for the next 2-3 years. Your diploma is not the goal, it's an instrument to get into the type of work you'll enjoy for years to come.

Definitely take an internship, regardless of if it's a math or CS related or which industry, etc. The experience will help you understand what work environment you may enjoy or what you may wish to avoid in the future. It will also allow you to connect the knowledge that you acquired at Uni to a practical application in professional world.

Also, remember that people start feeling more satisfied at work when they acquire certain level of skill for that function. With skill comes confidence, reputation, good pay, self-sufficiency and therefore job satisfaction. Not the other way around.

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