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Macbeth and ambition need help

I have a essay coming up in English about how is ambition presented in Macbeth and im predicted top grades and i really wan to achieve the highest i can.Coul anyone help in showing how ambition is showed in ONLY Act 1 of macbeth
hi, there is a famous quote in Macbeth ‘unsex me here’ and this links to a lot of themes (including ambition)
there’s so much analysis for this, and I watched the Mr Everything English and Mr Salles collab video on this quote.
They’re really good cause they go in in-depth detail and they link ambition to other themes.
I hope this helps
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Thank you!!
Original post by Rendevl
Thank you!!

feel free to ask for anymore, I do remember Mr everything English created a 10 quotes you only need to revise for Macbeth and most of them link to ambition :smile:
good luck on the writing

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