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"Each year has a sport-specific module." MPhysiotherapy student profile

Megan graduated from Bradford in 2022 with the MPhysiotherapy - Sport and Exercise Medicine degree.

Megan is now working in her dream role providing physio support for cricket teams.

This is her story.


I was the first person in my family to go to university.

I joined the BSc Sport Rehabilitation course at Bradford between 2015-2018, before taking a year out to figure out what I wanted to do next. I took the decision to go back to Bradford to do physio and reapplied for this integrated Master's.

Hands-on experience
We did four days of teaching a week, then Friday was spent on placement. I found that worked really well, as you could take what you'd learned in lectures that week and then apply it on placement day on Friday. This really really helped with revision and practicing different techniques.

What sets Bradford apart
Each year has a sport-specific module.

You get to learn how to deal with pitch-side emergency situations, create programmes for enhancing sports performance, as well as learning about soft tissue and exercise principles and how to rehab different types of injuries.

Bradford provided a really clear balance of core physio modules, and then the sports side made it more fun and made you want to go in and take part in practicals. You see all sides of physio on this course, in the NHS and in sport.

It's worth putting the extra year's study in
There is so much progression in physio and constantly ways to move up, for example, through the NHS banding system, working in GP surgeries and hospitals, becoming a specialist in a certain area, or working in different areas of sport where there will always be a team you can work for.

Bradford is the best place to give you a rounded, core knowledge of all areas of physiotherapy and sports medicine, to ensure you have the widest range of career options when you graduate. And then you've got a great career for life!

If you're interested in MPhysiotherapy - Sport and Exercise Medicine you can find more information and apply here. :wavey:

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