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MA Law Conversion/GDL

Starting my law conversion in January. Does anyone have any recommendations for good textbooks and any pre-reading? Looking at Elliot and Quinn on Contract, Tort and Criminal Law. Your thoughts?
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I like these books, copied from our reading lists. Plenty others, but see what 'style' of book appeals most to you as publishers tend to follow the same pattern/structure/format in their books:

Horsey K and Rackley E, Tort Law (Seventh edition, Oxford University Press 2021)
Horsey K, Rackley E and Kidner R, Kidner’s Casebook on Torts (14th edition, Oxford University Press 2017)
Brennan C and Bermingham V, Tort Law (7th edition, Oxford University Press 2020)

Ormerod DC (David C. and others, Smith, Hogan & Ormerod’s Text, Cases, & Materials on Criminal Law. (13th edition / David Ormerod and Karl Laird, Oxford University Press 2020)
Pollock JM, Criminal Law (Twelfth edition, Routledge Falmer 2021)

Koffman, Macdonald & Atkins’ Law of Contract (Oxford University Press 2022)
Brown G, Problem Questions for Law Students : a Study Guide (Routledge is an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, an informa business 2022)
Elliott & Quinn too

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