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Struggling with geography A-Level

So I've got my Y13 mocks in a couple of weeks and I'm really struggling with revising Geography (I am on the Edexcell spec). Compared to my other A-levels, (biology and psychology) which I feel like are really easy to revise as I can just make flashcards and blurt ect... I find geography much harder. When I'm looking through the textbook to try and write some flashcards, I feel like 90% of it is irrelevant and that there would be no way I could remember it all. Learning the theory, such as succession and shoaling is fine, but its hard to figure out which facts from all the case studies to remember, (as they give so many case studies for one small part of a topic) and the ones we learn in class are completely different to the textbook. Like why could it not just be like GCSE where everyone learns about Mumbai ect..

Am I just overcomplicating it?
I did A-level geography with Edexcel. There are alot of case studies but they don't expect you to remember loads of information for each one. For example, I might learn 2 or 3 key facts about it that i could apply into different exam questions. They give you lots of case studies and you can find your own case studies to learn (whichever is most memorable to you). For topic summaries, I used Physics and Maths Tutor as it summed up the points really well with diagrams/photos sometimes.

In order to learn the topic better, I used Seneca which gave information about the topic and short questions. I used Seneca a quite a bit but it helped me learn the content better as well as using Quizlet to make flashcard.

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