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Book recs?

I'm currently doing my gcses and in preparation for a level I'd like to do some supracurricular reading (for the sixth form personal statement yk).

Not only that but I absolutely love the subject and would love for a more in depth understanding than what I currently have through Internet resources and my dad.

tl;dr recommend me some good books for understanding economic theory and case studies
A desolate landscape, what sight to behold.

Economics has always attracted great literature though they may not always be digestible- especially to a first time reader. Also, I would like to warn you that by the time you actually start writing your personal statement, you’ll have had forgotten the details of what you read. It is advised that you keep memos of your thoughts though not in too excessive a manner and taking into account that they may be fallacious; so come back to them in a week or two with hopefully a deeper insight. Regarding specific book recommendations, you’ll have to adventure on your own though since you have bothered posting i’ll name drop Economic Facts And Fallacies by Thomas Sowell. Also, if you are serious about pursuing economics as a degree, be prepared for lots and lots of complex math; though complex it only be to the common man as what is learnt is known. You should also ask yourself if economics is truly what you want to pursue, it is not always about passion. On an ending note, you should look for the economics within everything like in this very reply.

hey there! you should consider joining our official book club 🙂 currently reading mobydick and the girl with the dragon tattoo. lemme know if you're interested in book club