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shld i switch 6th forms

i am at a 6th form that i love and im doing maths economics and biology. i am satisfied with maths and economics but i regret picking biology. tried switching it 4 times and my 6th form said no everytime.

other subjects i would consider are computer science, further maths and physics. but the issue is that i had to self teach gcses in under a year so i only got a 7 in maths and i didnt pass physics at all.

shld i retake gcse maths and physics, then retake the year at my 6th fomr or shld i switch sixth forms entirely and do cs maths and econ? im leaning more towards the second option but idk.
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what do you want to study at University?
From that using the requirements then make a decision for retaking physics. Don't retake maths as a grade 7 is really good.
you can't move to another sixth form as they won't allow you to choose the subjects you already took. (confirm this with other sixth forms though)
confirm because it happened to a couple of my friends but they did year 12 fully.
your choices will depend on the university and course so have a sector that you would want to be in and find out the requirements and tailor your choices to that.
Biology isn't that deep im doing it currently, im in year 13, all it pretty much is being consistent with notes and doing questions.

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