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Engineering at Warwick, Durham, KCL, or Sheffield?

Where to choose, Warwick, Durham, KCL, or Sheffield for engineering?
I have already sent my UCAS application for 2023 and have received conditional offers from Sheffield, KCL, and Warwick but I am having a crisis in terms of choosing which to choose. I have chosen (General) engineering courses at all of them.
My current ranking for which to go is 1.Durham (if i get an offer), 2.Warwick, 3. Sheffield, 4. KCL.
Can you help me decide which to go, based mainly on academic rankings. I have seen many differing opinions about KCL and Sheffield, so I don't know how much I should consider them for engineering.
Hi, I think most unis make you change to a specific engineering discipline after a year or two (might be wrong) but I'm aware Kings don't. One factor about Kings is that their General Engineering isn't accredited but might be accredited by the end of this academic year. it's a big if but it could weigh in later. London is quite expensive as well but Kings has a much better reputation globally and has a very nice campus. Warwicks definitely a no brainer for sure though. I'd probably go for Sheffield since it's a better reputed engineering university but if you want to show off then go ahead and pick kings. Good luck in your Durham offer though!

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