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A Level Psychology- Revision tips

How can I get from an A to A* in psychology? its just the amount of content is daunting, I have literally over a month to cover Paper 1 and 2 and I don't know how to. Any tips?
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I did higher level psychology at IB, and had the same problem as you when it comes to the volume of content (got to the point where I was on a failing grade of low 3 in term 1 and 2 of Y12) but I ended on a level 7 (highest possible). Pretty much for me it came down to figuring out where there are overlaps, so where I could use the same study for multiple content headings. I'm not sure if you can do that in A levels though.

In IB there are 3 papers to psychology. Paper 1 is short answer questions; a content heading based question that is answered with an explanation of the relevant theory + a summary of a supporting study + how it links. Paper 2 is long answer questions; a content heading based question that is answered with an essay containing 2 relevant studies + evaluations + wider research. And paper 3 is research methods (pretty easy).

When it came to the actual revision of content prior to exams, what helped me the most was writing out an essay for every content heading. From these essays, I then made spider diagrams of the main points I wanted to hit (EG: the content heading in the middle, then branches off to intro (key points to cover) study 1 (name), study 2 (name), holistic wider research (key points) and conclusion (key points)). I then made spider diagrams for each of the studies I had to memorise (EG: name of researcher in the middle, then branches off into aim, number of participants, method, results, conclusion, evaluation, with two bullet points for each).

Finally, past papers. It sounds really obvious, but doing past papers 110% will help you in the final exam. Revisiondojo is a website where you can access them for free should you need :smile:

For some reason, the spider diagrams were the only thing that ended up working for me. Other people in my school found flashcards or quizlet to be helpful, but ultimately I found that there was too much content for that to work for me.

I'm so sorry if this is horribly incoherent, or not much help.

Best of luck to you!
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