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how about the social life in the uni?
Hi there,

Social life in university is known for being great, you sometimes will make friends for life during your studies. You will meet like minded people, and get to experience independent living with your friends, sometimes for the first time!

Each university will have its own unique nightlife, so it can be good to ask on forums if that's something you're interested in :smile: I do always say to prioritise the quality of the degree and teaching etc. when choosing a university over a nightlife as tempting as it can be to think about this first!

But mostly, your social life will ultimately be what you make of it during university. Usually what you put it into is what you'll get out of it if that makes sense :biggrin:

I hope this helps,

Lauren -Official Student Rep:smile:
Original post by hym1120
how about the social life in the uni?


I really enjoyed the social life at uni. The schedule with later starts and different weekdays allows you to go out more than normal life. Since, starting my job, I have realised how free the schedule was haha!

At university there are so many opportunities to meet different types of people. I found society nights out to be the best because it they had so much team spirit, costumes/themes and we could socialise with like minded people. Most universities have big nights out on a Wednesday due to sporting events and societies so I would really recommend them.

Outside of drinking, living and studying on campus with all of your friends made days when homesick so much easier. I loved being able to have a chat with someone whenever I was on campus. Societies are great too as we are able to get involved with a sport or activity every week and get out of the flat.

I think it is such a great opportunity to increase your confidence and explore independence.

Lydia :smile:
Original post by hym1120
how about the social life in the uni?

Hi there :smile:

Social life at uni can be great but it is up to you to make your experience as social as you want! There are numerous opportunities offered at uni and most student unions hold events which are always lots of fun and a great way to socialise. You can also do things like play a sport, go out for food, explore campus facilities, have a games night with your flatmates, go clubbing, have a film night etc. There are also a variety of societies at uni where you can meet likeminded people and develop a new or existing hobby. Ultimately, your social life at uni will be whatever you make it.
You may find that sometimes you will have to sacrifice some social events because you have a deadline and other times you might find yourself going out everyday of the week or doing something spontaneous. A lot of timetables at uni are structured in a way that allows you to socialise at various time of the day so you will probably find that you wont be constricted to only socialising on the weekends. Like I said your social life at uni really will depend on how much you put yourself out there and how you want to structure your social time. Please let me know if you have any specific questions about uni or socialising.

Hope this helps!
Best wishes
-Uni of Kent Rep
Perhaps we’d be better clarifying whether the OP meant a specific university first…

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