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My friend keeps eating my food.

At sixthform, my friend and I bring packed lunches from home most of the time. However, on some days, I just Bring a sandwich from home so I buy a cookie. Or sometimes, I buy a snack to eat at break.
Since September, I find it really annoying how my friend always wants my food.
It’s not like she doesn’t bring her own food, she brings more than me. She brings a whole sandwich, some fruit and some cake and she eats her food. But whenever I buy something, without a fail, she will always ask me if she can have some, and I feel like I always have to give it to her.
It’s just frustrating me as at break time too, she will stand in the queue with me and she will say that she doesn’t want to buy anything but asks me if I want to buy something. And if I do, she will ask me for some - which ends up being half of my food gone and I still remain hungry.
Why can’t she just buy her own food? And it’s not as if she’s poor or anything her family is perfectly stable.
She doesn’t just do this with me, but my other friend as well. My other friend sadly doesn’t eat much food and takes long to eat. But before you know it, my other friend just asks to try it and ends up eating it all.
It really annoys me as it makes me not want to buy food from the school queue anymore.
Have you told her this?
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Have you told her this?

No because a few months ago, she told me how people used to call her ‘fat’ because she used to eat too much.
I don’t want to say anything because I don’t want her to think that I’m calling her fat
Don't let her freeload off you.
Your friend wouldn't be eating your food if you stopped giving it to her whenever she asks.
Next time just say no when she asks permission to take your food.
Instead calmly advise her to buy her own cookies if she wants to eat them in addition to her lunch.
Does she have any issues around food or in general? You should talk to her about it because otherwise the resentment will just build up. Never feel like you have to give her anything.
Just say that you’re really hungry and that you need to eat all of it to fill you up. Food stealing is one of the biggest crimes in my opinion. She’s clearly lying when she says she doesn’t want to buy anything, she’s just saying that so you pay for it and then she gets the food for free!
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Why are you friends with this thief
Just tell her "no, sorry, I'm hungry" the next time she asks.
If she wants to infer that you're calling her fat (obviously don't call her fat) then that's really her problem. You wouldn't have to say anything at all if she wasn't being like this - she's the one causing the problem here.

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