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BHASVIC English help! (set texts)

Hello i’m going to bhasvic soon and i’ve already chosen my A-levels (history, politics and english) but i’m really unsure if i should do english literature/language or just english literature so if anyone could tell me the set texts studied in one (or both) of the subjects that would be greatly appreciated :smile: other tips/help with choosing would also be helpful!

p.s i’m thinking of going into a humanitarian career in the future and possibly doing international relations at uni.

Thank you!
I do English Literature and Language currently at Bhasvic (2nd year).
Lit/lang: The Great Gatsby, A Raisin in the Sun, All My Sons + an anthology of nonfiction texts + NO poetry (caught me out, that one...)
Lit: Duchess of Malfi, King Lear, A Streetcare Named Desire + poetry
Some people regret taking lit/lang (I do sometimes) - it is not as intense as Literature and honestly, I've never felt challenged while in the lesson. An easy A* but if you want more of an advanced class, I would go with Lit.
However, do what feels right for you and try both (you can switch up until a few weeks in).

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