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I need help with finding an EPQ title around schizophrenia
or like an essay just a question. I was thinking about doing
"Schizophrenia and its impact on social functioning" but apparently thts too broad and finding research is kinda hard.
Any help would be good thanks<3
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Hello :smile: I did my EPQ on Psychopathy and my question was: "Should those with clinical Psychopathy be held accountable for any unlawful actions they commit"

I'm unsure of how your EPQ is structured but mine was 1/3 knowledge 2/3 discussion. The question allowed me to go over the diagnosis tools for Psychopathy, what the anti-social spectrum is, what parts of the brain the disorder usually effects, MRI scan studies, ect, ect. Then for the discussion there were many ethical and moral things to go over based on different philosophical perspectives.

My advise would be first cut it down to exactly what part of social functioning you want to focus on, as there is a lot. have a look at some of these, and maybe choose a specific one. There will be plenty of papers studying schizophrenics against these as they are the back bone of defining abnormality within psychology.

Hope this helps!
Thank you so much this helps im defo going to look into the website although i think ive shifted my idea so something to do with childhood schizophrenia and like drug treatments, ill still look at the website<3

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