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Debate - TH (as Nicola Sturgeon) Would Unilaterally Hold an Independence Referendum

I'm doing this debate on Wednesday, and I'm opposition. So far I've got 1. if we held a referendum and lost that would make us look incompetent and sour our relationship with the uk, make the union awkward etc. but means we defo can't leave. also even if scotland voted to leave the uk, since we are going against the UK's Supreme Court, this won't be a good start to trade negotiations etc. for when we are leaving stuff. basically it'll give scotland a bad relationship with rest of the uk either way.
2. - Original indyref was supposed to be a once in a lifetime thing, so if we were to defy the supreme court and go ahead with it, that would be our last chance as we cannot just keep repeatedly having independence referendums. Therefore we should wait until polls are showing a clear majority (Polls in the run-up to the referendum vote showed a closing of the gap, with one poll giving the Yes campaign a 51–49 lead, but they ended up losing approx. 45-55, in the past year, out of the 20 polls held with the question ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’, only 1 had a majority of ‘Yes’ voters, and the majority was an incredibly marginal 1%. What is the point in giving our country a bad reputation if it is this likely we are going to lose!!) we should focus on other issues at the moment and invest in Covid recovery.
3. Prioritise devolution which the UK government are more likely to agree with (and then I'll talk about benefits of devolution vs. independence.)

Any thoughts?
Also this debate has 2 people on either side, hence why I'd like 1 or 2 more points but I'm a bit stuck. I guess something about how it could go badly for the SNP? I'm not sure.

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