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A level History (CIE) resources?

Hi,I am a private candidate starting to study history for A levels. Does anyone know if there are official resources for paper 3 topics (The origins of the First World War, The Holocaust, The origins and development of the Cold War)? I found offcial books for papers 1,2, and 4 but there seems to be nothing on paper 3 topics in them.
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Hey, sorry for replying late just saw this post.

As someone that got an A in the holocaust paper. I solidly recommend this book:
In paper 3 the key is that you have to interpret secondary sources (basically you explain historians analysis). In short, most of the questions will be on the intentionalist vs. structuralist/functionalist debate (did the Nazis plan the holocaust vs was it a spontaneous event), and the book essentially outlines the most notable historians of each of these schools of history + the backround to and events of the holocaust in chronological order. It pretty much covers everything on the CIE syllabus, despite being intended for different boards.

Though the book addreses the other questions aside from int/struc debate, the only thing it lacks are notes on gender, but that appears to be a very small part of the syllabus. Also, its a bit sparse on recent historiography (i.e. the synthesis school, which is a mixture of int/struc arguments, the historian of note would be Ian Kershaw). I was told that recognising a synthesis element was really important, I think missing that in my answer was why I didn't get an A* in that paper. I have an essay written by Kershaw in pdf form and can send it to you if you want. Its about 15 pages but outlines the synthesis position really well. It saves you having to read the 1000 page biography of Hitler that Kershaw wrote anyway. (Though if you are taking Hiter's Germany as Paper 4 and have time to read it, I would definitely recommend it but obviously don't worry if you can't)

This website has loads of past paper resources and mark schemes. The AS stuff on here is a bit incosistent because of course changes however all the Papers 3-4 past papers are still valid.

Hope this helped if you're still undecided
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Hello I think the book 'Origins of the Cold War, 1941-1949' may be useful. Hope it helps!

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