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Personal Statement (medicine)

I'm currently writing a personal statement for medical work experience.. I was wondering what the best way would be to link it to my EPQ
my EPQ is about gender discrepancy in autism diagnoses..
any help would be appreciated :smile:
Hi there, admittedly I have never studied medicine and I probably never will (no where near that intelligent). However, I did study the EPQ a long time ago and I did manage to successfully link it to the subject I wanted to study at university (law).

I can see that you have chosen to link your EPQ to a medical topic (well done), so do any of the universities you're applying to offer any modules that explore gender discrepancy in autism? If so, that is a good way to demonstrate prior knowledge in the topic/area!

If not, do the universities you're applying to require you to write a dissertation during your final year? If so, you could indicate your intention to explore your EPQ topic in greater detail (and at a higher academic level). Again, this might be an opportunity to further explain why you want to study at a particular institution (i.e. do any of the academics there specialise in gender discrepancy in autism and have you explored any of their research or even cited it in your EPQ essay?).

And last but not least, just discussing the skills you have developed/honed during your EPQ, e.g. conducting independent research, time management, taking the initiative, referencing, writing at a higher level, etc. will make you a more attractive candidate than your fellow applicants!

I hope this helps and good luck!

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