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Accounting/Finance -Durham or York?

I need recommendations for an international student deciding between offers from Durham and York for accounting and finance.

I prefer the modules at Durham, due to less business and management than York. And I like that Durham city is walkable from campus.

But I prefer the city of York, the accommodation at York is much nicer, and I feel that the student body might be a better fit for me.

I worry that Durham might be too posh and less inclusive. And I also wonder if there is a lot of academic pressure at Durham? How difficult is the workload? Is there less academic pressure at York?

So basically I like the academics better Durham. I like the prestige of the university. But I think York is a better fit for me as a person. And I worry if I would have a lot of academic stress at Durham?

I have visited both but only on self tours.

Anyone have insight about the workload at either?

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