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Which course should I choose?

Hi, this year I am applying to study law at UK universities and I am not sure which course should I choose. I would like to became a lawyer (criminal defense lawyer) and I have a hard time to choose whether I should study Law LLB Honours or Law with Criminology. If someone has any advices I would really appreciate them :smile:
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I would advice you to go for an LLB Law and Criminology course. There are many to choose from. If you know you want criminology, go for it!
as long as the degree you opt for is a qualifying law degree i don't think makes a difference. lots of lawyers don't have law degrees so minoring in criminology shouldn't detract in anyway

if so then take a look at the modules for both and see which ones you like the most
Hey Michaela.
I hope you are well. It is fantastic that you want to go into a law career.
Have you got any particular universities in mind?
I am going to add some links to my reply to Coventry University that has some fabulous opportunities.
The law school offers both courses that you are considering. I hope you find both of these links helpful.



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