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so rn 16 turning 17, ive always had a passion for sports, when i was younger i used to win loads of medals and was always really good at any sport i played, but ive never joined any clubs and my school didnt offer any good oppurunitues for sports, so i eventually stopped playing. i am now doing alevels but my true passion would to be an athlete e.g footballer, i went ti this try out ... but im soo rubbish as i haven't played i years, it was so humilating and embarrasing bc i was j standing there looking like an idiot. My parents dont really care about my dream and j want me to focus on my studies and every 1 rllly demotivates beacuse they tell me im to old. Am i to old to go pro?
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no if football is your true passion then follow it and carry on playing even if you may not be able to be a pro footballer in the future knowing that you gave it a go and didn't quit so early play and enjoy football even if you may not be able to go pro life is too short to give up on ur dreams so early ; )

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