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Is this possible?

When I go to uni, i want to do either Ecology and Conservation Biology or Environmental Science, would it be possible to do one degree and then do the other after graduating? Would a student loan still be an option for the second degree?
There is limited funding available for a second degree - it has to be an exception course to be eligible for it. Most part-time STEM courses will qualify - full-time ones will not though.

That said, the two areas overlap a lot and so it's not really necessary to do two undergraduate degrees to have either/both areas as options to you in various realms. I certainly imagine you would be able to work in many conservation and environmental oriented roles after either degree. Equally you could do a masters and/or PhD in environmental science after a degree in conservation biology I have no doubt - the reverse may not be as true though.
As @artful_lounger has said, it would be quite difficult for you to still obtain funding to be able to do a second (BSc) degree. From my experience at Lancaster University at least, it is quite easy to change between these degrees as they are very similar. Our first year Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) BSc courses - including Ecology & Conservation and Environmental Science - all share a very similar, if not identical, first year which makes changing between them very easy, and you get a taste for a wide range of sub-disciplines within this area of study. After first year, very few modules are compulsory, and you can tailor your degree to exactly what you want and any particular niche you find interesting.

If you have any questions about the department, don't hesitate to get in contact!


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