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Hi, I'm looking for help as next year I take my German GCSE and the exam board is AQA. I took dual language meaning I take my German GCSE after one year in comparison to everyone else who does it in two. I was looking for help as I'm not sure how to necessarily improve. Does anyone have any resources that really helped them or advice on how to get a 9. Is there specific vocabulary or grammar I should be revising?
I took German at GCSE a few years back, also with AQA, and I always liked to refer to their "assessment resources" website whenever I was in need of revision help:

They've got about 164 results for past papers, including ones for listening exams (which I found to be really helpful). If you haven't already, give that site a try. Using past papers from the official exam board has been useful for all of my subjects, both in GCSE and A-level

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