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Don't know if this is allowed or in the wrong place, so apologies if it is!

Saw this in Cosmopolitan today and thought it might be of use to someone -
if you go to you can sign up for a 14 day free trial and get a free download...

"To help you enjoy great books wherever you are and whatever you are doing, Cosmopolitan readers can take advantage of some great special offers.

If you're new to Audible, and would like to try listening to some great books, you can take out a 14-day no commitment free trial. Try it for free and pick one download, again completely for free, from a choice of over 27,000 titles.

This offer is not available on the normal Audible site, so why not give it a try today.

Plus, if you've already loving your audiobooks, why not check out our personal favourite listens below. These are available, for a limited time only, at a Cosmopolitan special price of only £4.99 each. Most of these titles usually sell for over £20.00, so there's some great savings to be made. But hurry, this offer will end December 1st."

I haven't tried it but it sounds good

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