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no biology, want to study physiotherapy

So I've completed an access course with maths and physics being the topics involved. This leaves me with a ucas of 138 tariffs. I want to study physiotherapy but having bio puts me at a disadvantage. Are there any topics and books I can start reading in advance to build up my knowledge of anatomy and physiology before starting?

Many thanks in advance!
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I'm not an expect on physiotherapy so do excuse me if I stand to be corrected haha, but it seems that many students generally just revise anatomy and such, to prepare for the course. I'd also recommend checking out scientific papers (makes for a good conversation point, furthers your knowledge and looks good on your Personal Statement), e.g. by searching on Google Scholar for topics that interest you. It might also be worth checking the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy ( for news, which is always good to have, and other information can be found on there. From my research, it appears that one book many physiotherapy students recommend for those with little experience is Tortora's Principles Of Anatomy And Physiotherapy. It is quite expensive, but some libraries may have it, or of course just generally polishing up with anatomy books and such is good.

Skirting round that, I've researched some of the best universities for physiotherapy to see the course modules. Below you will see common modules, and topics that you might want to take a look at (e.g. with books/google scholar):

Principle mechanisms underlying healing and repair

Physiology of the musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory and neurological systems

Movement analysis skills

Exercise For Health

Patient Assessments/Treatment/Management

Clinical reasoning and practice in a 'modern healthcare setting'

Scope and limits of physiotherapy

Obviously these are going to range per university, but these should all be good things to research. Hope that helps! Good luck :smile:

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