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How do I move to set 2 in year 7

I really need to move to set 2, my future job requires maths and this can go to my record A levels! I'm in year 7 and need help.
It literally doesn't matter what set you are in lol, certainly not in year 7...

It barely matters what set you are in for GCSE, as long as you take the higher tier paper and not foundation tier if you want to take A-level Maths.

Also that's a long way off anyway and you may well find your interests and plans change.
Year 7 to 9 don't matter. Your set in year 7 will not impact your GCSEs, let alone your A-levels.

Different schools have different systems. Ask your teacher rather than us.

Typically if you just display that you are "better" than whatever set you are in, you'll able to be moved up (either by asking yourself or by them asking you).
Dude, you're in year 7, stop worrying. Sets really only matter in year 9, you've got all the time in the world to move up. I was in set 2 in year 7 and moved up to set 1 in year 8, ended up getting an 8 in maths. My main advice for you is to just enjoy being young and not having to worry about stuff like this :smile: just try your best
Doesn't matter. Request a higher paper if you haven't been given one at GCSE or your mocks beforehand.
oh alright thanks

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