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WJEC NEA A2- How do you do the data presentation section?

I am doing my a2 new privately and I have no guidance with terms of NEA. My NEA is on gentrification in Butetown CDiff. With WJEC they like their data presentation and analysis to be written separately however I don't know how to do this- I'm so used to addressing each hypothesis with data and analysing at the same time. Am I supposed to just put my graphs and data in this section no words and then do the analysis in the next section? Won't they have to keep referring back to the data presentation in the analysis section isn't that confusing? I have no idea how to approach it and I would appreciate any help.
Yes, it is best to keep your data presentation and analysis separate. You can provide a brief description of your data and the data sources in the data presentation section, and then discuss the analysis of the data in the analysis section. You don't need to refer back to your data presentation in the analysis section, but it is useful to provide a helpful summary of the data in the introduction to the analysis section. This will give the reader an understanding of the data and will provide context for the analysis.

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