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Studying BSc Occupational therapy in University of Essex

Hello everyone, I am going to share some information about studying occupational therapy course in UoE. 😙

1. Personal statement 📄
When writing your personal statement, please remember to include the NHS value and qualities of being a healthcare professional. After showing your understanding of those values and qualities, it will be great if you can include evidence (previous experiences or activities joined before) to show your ability and skills equipped. Please don't hesitate to show your quality and confidence which are important! You can also state your strengths which can help you become a good OT!

2. Interview 👥
After the university received your application, they will take a look at your personal statement and consider whether provide an interview or not. The interview is compulsory for the OT course, so perform well when you get an offer to do an interview! The interview mainly contains 2 parts, self-introduction and course-related questions. First of all, you will get a few minutes to introduce yourself to the invigilators. You can include referring back to your personal statement, stating the NHS values and linking them with your personal experiences. The invigilators may also ask you questions more about yourself or why you would like to be a healthcare professional. For example, why do you want to be an occupational therapist? Which qualities do you think are the most important for being an OT? Please state the most important NHS values and explain why.

Second, it will be some course-related questions. When I was doing my interview, I have been shown a picture and ask me to distinguish what problems I have found and how can they be improved.

Remember to be confident and show all your knowledge!

3. About the course structure 🤓
Occupational therapy is a course with lectures and placement! Regarding RCOT, OT students need to complete 1000 hours of placement to get qualifications. Our uni has divided 1000 hours of placement into 4 parts which spread through 3 years. There are a 4 weeks placement in year one, 6 weeks and 8 weeks placement in year two and 10 weeks placement in year three. Details can be referred to our website:

I hope all information is helpful! I am enjoying the course and I have just completed the 6 weeks placement! Please kindly comment or contact me through Unibuddy, I am very happy to answer all of your questions!

Studying Occupational therapy in UoE:

Good luck with your study and I am looking forward to seeing you all!

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