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Hey, need some advice. watch

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    At least I think its advice I need.

    I'm new here and this is my first post so............Hello.

    Intros over lol.

    Anyway, my situation.

    Im 17 years old, would be in yr 13 if I was still in school.

    I left school in 2007 with 9 GCSE's, I went to college in September of 2007 and en-rolled in I.C.T Practitioners National Diploma, I really enjoyed it to begin with but then it started to drag.

    Anyway after making a few childish decisions I left in May, the plan was the work full time until the following may and then try and get an apprenticeship. But that has kind of gone to s**t, I cant get work because no one is taking on, with this economy and such.

    Anyway, hopefully heres where your help will come in.

    The only thing I have ever been good at is Maths and Web Development. I would really like to start college next September again, although I only want to do a course where most of the units are web dev, but I cant find any.
    This is all I am really interested in, but am finding it very difficult to get my foot in the door so to speak.

    I live in caerphilly, very near Cardiff, and I can only find uni courses. But I want a national Diploma. And obviously in college.

    Does anyone live in my area, or know any courses, or have any advice/reaction, anything will be helpful.

    I did work for 4 weeks in a large bakery, making cakes for marks and Spencer, and it really got me thinking, I hate this job, its ********, and I looked around me at all the 16, 17 year olds and then all the 20, 30+ year olds and thought what a waste of a life, I dont want to be like that, and it was a big eye opener for me. That if I ever want to enjoy work and have a challenging job, I need to be doing something I can put effort into. And web development is the only thing that has ever got me motivated, otherwise I cant be arsed.

    I think in the few months I have been doing nothing I have learnt alot about the importance of education and hard work, as much of a cliche as that sounds its damn true, I guess I was always to childish to understand that people were just trying to help me by telling me to work hard.
    I guess at a point you have to take a step back and really think about where you want to be in life. And then work towards it. I have definitely learnt from my mistakes.

    So can anyone help me, or throw some advice my way.

    Thanks in advance guys. :yep:

    If you want a career in Technology, or any career, there's going to be topics in a course (I.C.T or Maths) that you find "a drag". You can't quit every time because you find something boring, if you want the final result badly you keep working until you achieve that result.

    Anyway, start your AS levels and do Maths or I.C.T?
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    I didn't quit because it was boring, Its a long story to do with a certain lecturer, not my attention span. :yep:

    I the units I want to do are mostly to do with web, there are hundreds of aspects to web development. I don't want to learn how to write a document, or spreadsheets. Just web, and I.C.T 'a.s' levels in a college are just databases, not even web incorporated databases, some of my friends are doing it.

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