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Plant Sciences at York?

Hi, I'm a Year 12 student looking at different unis. I definitely am gonna do a joint natsci course (biology and maths probably), but am really interested in plant sciences as well. If anyone does a biology course at York, do they know if there's many (or any) modules with plant sciences in the course, because I could find any.

Thanks :smile:
Hi there,

Thank you for your message, it's so great to hear that you're considering York!

I'm actually graduated from Biology at York this summer!

When I was in my first year, we did a module called Animal and Plant Biology - which covered a good deal of plant sciences (much to my disappointment as unlike you, I was more interested in human biology, and immunology in particular!). I know that the department has had a change up with the modules, so they longer run the Animal and Plant module, but I'd be quite surprised if they didn't teach any plant sciences at all!

In my experience, there were also final year research projects which focused on plant sciences - for example one of my close friends did her dissertation on genetically modifying plants to be able to take up toxins from the ground, thus cleaning the soil.

For more details on what each module entails, your best bet is probably to get in touch with the department directly: [email protected]

Or, you could perhaps try contacting Biology's director for students, Richard Waites.

I hope that helps - Hannah :smile:
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