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Does depression affect one’s academic performance

Yes, depression affects your academic performance. I can say that by personal experience. Recently, I have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Due to anxiety, I couldn't take the stress and missed my assignment deadlines. One of the ways to cope up with academics is to prioritize yourself and your health above anything. That is what I do.

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Yes, workload can increase your depression, often results in many taking time off School or Uni or dropping out. It's hard to work coursework etc. When you feel low.. I suffered from anxiety, but never affected me much, totally different story with depression.
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Does depression affect one’s academic performance

Yes, depression can significantly impact a person's academic performance. Depression can interfere with a person's ability to concentrate, remember information, and make decisions, which can make it difficult to complete assignments and perform well on exams. Depression can also affect a person's motivation and energy levels, making it difficult to study and attend classes. As a result, people who are depressed may have difficulty keeping up with coursework and may experience a decline in grades. It is important for individuals experiencing depression to seek help and support in order to manage their symptoms and improve their academic performance.

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