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psychology urgent 16 marks

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discuss physical attractiveness as a factor affecting romantic relationships(16 marks)

physical attractiveness is the how we look.neoteric efatures such as big eyes triggers a caregiver tendency which causes the man to want to look after the woman.symmetrical faces display genetic fitness.genetic fitness is partners who display traits such as resources and status.the halo effect is when we see someone who is physically attractive we think they have other desirable characteristics too.the matching hypothesis states that we go for those who have similar physical attractiveness level as us because we fear rejection.
one strength of a factor of physical atrractiveness is evidence that is associated with the halo effect.palmer and peterson found out that we see those who demonstarte political knowledge as physically attractive even thugh they have no particular "expertise"this can have a huge effect on the political process because votes are earned if you are considered physical attractive.this disrupts the main concept of voting which is for a leadership to lead the country successfully.

another strength of a factor of physical atractiveness is that is is supported by the evolutionary process.a study done bycunnigham found that asian,white hispanic men rated woman with big eyes,small nose,cheekbones and high raised eyebrows as physical attractive.and genetic fitness is shown in symmetrical faces.this shows that physical attractiveness makes sense on an evolutionary level.

a limitation of a factor of physical attractiveness is that it is not supported by real world matching hypothesis.this is shown in the study by lindsay where she looked at popular online dating logs where she measure actual dating choices instead of merely preferences.they chose those who were more attractive than them.this undermines the validity of the real world matching hypothesis.however feingold replicated the same aim by conducting 17 studies of meta analysis and found out that we chose thos who have similar physical attractiveness level as us.this supports the real world matching hypothesis.
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