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GCSE Maths Topics to revise if you’re naturally gifted?

Hi I am a gcse maths student and I have my mocks coming up. For most questions on the exam I can intuitively work out the answers, but I am just wondering which topics caught you out for lack of revision?
For example, circle theorems were a problem for me (though now I have learned the proof they are not) as before I revised them I could never remember the names of the theorems.
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I'd say circle theorems (especially how to 'word' them) and notation of venn diagrams were the only thing I rly had to memorise for GCSE Maths. Occasionally, I would forget the equation of a circle when the centre isnt the origin. Honestly, I'd recommend focusing on doing the harder questions from past papers that are normally at the back of the paper. There's not really much else you can do for revision for maths other than doing past papers.

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