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Urgent lnat

I have my LNAT in three days. I would be more than grateful if anyone could share their aribito account. I have done all the other resources of tests available online but would really benefit if I practiced some harder content. Please help this student out in need.
i have already done my LNAT and used arbitio to prepare and i can say that it is unnecessarily hard. the actual LNAT is much more simpler, and doing arbitio tests days before your actual LNAT would do more harm than good as it would make you feel more nervous and less prepared. if you really want to do an arbitio practice test, then make an arbitio account and do the free practise test under timed conditions. i honestly found the law-mind and official lnat practice tests to be better as they offered a more realistic version of the LNAT. the best way to prepare with the time you have left if to read up on the past year's major events through articles (the guardian, the spectator, any opinionated newspapers really). think about the language they are using, what kind of message they are trying to get across, whether they have a serious or sarcastic tone. just train yourself to pick up on the cues within text.

also, don't forget about the essays! i cannot emphasise this enough, the essay is also crucial to your overall performance in the LNAT. idk about what universities you are applying to but it's usually the case that they place significant weight on the essay as well. practise doing essays under the 40 minute time. a simple intro 3 para graphs with counters and Point Evidence Explanation Link structure and a conclusion will do. The questions centre around very open debates that are widely discussed so practise forming arguments for simple controversial issues.

good luck, you've got this :smile:

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