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Official 2023 formula one Thread

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Nit bad from Drugo. But solberg wins, 1-1
Drugovich vs petter in the RX cars
Petter beats drugovich. Norway retains I reckon
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Petter beats Drugo. Match poijt for Norway
Erx cars for Oliver solberg vs Thierry neuville

Neuville needs to win by 6.033s
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Solberg wins and Norway retains the nations Cup!
Oliver solberg has to be favourite to win the drivers competition tomorrow
Drugovich was the surprise of the competition. Whilst you could argue he was lucky vs faust, he still made it to the finals
Right in terms of the drivers competition, here is the lineup for tomorrow's 1st round:

Valtteri bottas vs Tom kristensen
Sebastian Vettel vs Jamie Chadwick
Felipe Drugovich vs Mika Hakkinen
Sebastien Loeb vs Thierry Neuville
Petter Solberg vs Oliver Solberg

The rest is to be decided tomorrow
Is it Tanner Faust or am I thinking of somebody else. Looks like a young Richard Hammond.
2nd of 2 diryah ePrix is live. Wehrlein is leading from Dennis and bird. 10 laps + added stoppage left, sc out. Bird has 2% more energy than the 2 leads. Wehrlein has 0 attack mode, Dennis 3 minutes attack mode and bird 4 minutes attack mode.

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Sc in lap 30. I reckon 2-3 added laps
Original post by quasa
Sc in lap 30. I reckon 2-3 added laps

Wehrlien and Dennis are in another league
Wehrlein wins the double and leads the championship by 5 points from Dennis. Rast finishes 3rd ahead of bird. Hughes ran out of energy last corner and was pushed over the line for 5th by Evans who lost out to buemi who finished p6
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That porsche powertrain is another level for efficiency.

2 new races are next in hyderabad (India) and Cape Town (South afrika).

Vandoorne didn't use the 2nd attack mode and may get a penalty
Hyderabad should be an interesting race re atmosphere as asian sports fans are very exuberant, mahindra and jaguar are Indian owned but also wehrlein is half Indian (mum is punjabi ethicity Mauritian)
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Live coverage of daytona 24h
Here we are for champions of champions. Firs5 heat is the fir the race drivers (race and rally on separate sides of the draw) its Adrian Tambay vs David coultahrd
Despite a couple of errors. Coultahrd beats Tambay by 1.3 secodns. They will go again as I understand it as it’s 2 races

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