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Ticktum not doing anyone favours today
Sc in and we are back racing
Muller crashes and the sc is deployed. Cassidy wins from evans and Dennis
Cassidy wins the ePrix from evans and Dennis and leads the championship.

Also the 1st time ever a nationality has won 4 wins in a row, with new Zealand taking the honours
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Alfa Romeo: A horrible weekend for Alfa in Baku. They were nowhere pace wise all weekend being 14th anf 16th in main qualy in both out in SQ1 in the sprint qualy. In the sprint race Bottas was on the soft tyres which were the wrong choice so he fell right back and had no pace. The same occurred for Valterri in the race proper as first lap bunching dropped him right back to last place from where he was never able to make progress, whatever Bottas did didnt seem to work as he just lacked pace and was getting done by teammate Zhou, even new mediums were of no help to him as he made no progress towards the battle up front, a trio of horrible races for Bottas. Zhou had a better, but also quiet weekend. Knocked out in Q1 in both sessions showed the Alfa really didnt have the pace this weekend, in both races he basically drove around in the group not really making much progress and did little of note. Alfa are now arguably the wekaest team on the grid with not much going for them, this is between them and AT. They can easily keep falling down the contstuctors table. Bottas needs to find some form as well should he wish to be around when Audi come in.

Alpine: Alpine were hoping to recover after the disaster at the end of Melborune, this is not what they would have wanted however. Alpine are a strange team, this is their lowest points score at this point since 2017. The car is not that bad, it has taken a step back. Aston Martin have jumped them are Mclaren have got closer. More notably they have had a driver regression as well. Gasly is a weaker driver than Alonso, Piastri is stronger than Ricciardo, Alonso better than Vettel and Hulkenburg stronger than Mick. All this means Alpine look worse than they actually are. In FP1 Gasly’s car channelled its inner France and caught fire, he continued his bad weekend with a crash in Qualifying meaning he’d start the race proper from the back of the grid. With little track time it was perhaps no surprise that Gasly fell in SQ1. Gasly not being on the soft tyres meant he was able to make some progress in the sprint race to finish p13. The race proper was also a case of doing what he could sytarting from the back, the SC timing however emant that unlike in Bahrian he was unable to strategise his way into the points as everyone was stuck on the safe strategy, this along with the Renault PU being on of, if not the, wekaest PU meant Gasly struggled in the pack. To his credit he did try something different at pitted. Everyone being stuck behind Ocon meant Gasly was able to catch the pack and did move through, having a nice little battle with Sargeant. But all in all a weekend to forget. It did not go much better for Ocon. He qualified in p12 and p13 in both sessions but suspension changes meant he started both races from the pitlane. He was one of those that went for the softs in the sprint which did not work so he had to stop again. In the race proper Ocon went for 2 altenrate strategies in 2 days as he started on the hards, the early sc along with the limited durability of the mediums vaulted the Gas man up to p9, but still to stop. He then ran to the end as the hards just kept going on forever waiting for a lucky SC and was pitting on the last lap. This is when the most farcical moment of the race happened. Before the end of the race photogeaphers get into position to get photos of the winning drivers, the distance Ocon was behind the leaders meant when he came in he was greeted by all these photographers in the pits, this is an utterly unaccpetble situation. It was only Ocon being aware anf getting his braking right that prevneted something for serious, an utter farce, it seems the FIA dont learn or take action unless something truly horrible happens. This attitude must stop.

Haas: Haas were there in Baku, there is not a lot to say about their weekend. They are similar to Alfa Romeo in that they dont have anything massive going for them, but seem to have a stronger car and lineup with Hulkenburg being somewhat of a qualy ace so far this year. He continued this in a way in Baku as he beat Kmag in both sessions, but both cars were knocked out in Q1 in Qualy proper. In the sprint race Hulkenburg has horrednous tyre wear and dropped right back, this meant a setup change and a pitlane start for the race proper and the same strategy as Ocon starting on the hards. This meant that Hulk ran in p10 for the majority of the race, but like in the sprint (although much less dramatic it has to be said) his tyres went off and he dropped back before pitting. Magnussen was very quiet in both races running outside and points and doing little of note. There is nothing esle to say about his weekend really, with Aston being up there and Mclaren getting their act together along with a clearly stronger driver ina different mifeild car (more on him later) Haas will be ahrd pressed to score many more points this year.

Williams: I have to say it was a little disappointed with Williams this weekend given their car strengths. Both cars made it into Q2 which was a big positive for Sargeant but a crash in SQ1 blotted his copybook and meant he was unable to take part in the sprint. In the race proper Sargeant was part of the midfield back and despite some decent top end speed was unable to make his way through the pack in any meaningful way and lost out to Ocon at the end, still he made it into Q2 on both days, something Latifi never really did so this is a positive. I would however like to see him cut down on the errors however as they are starting to have a negative impact. Albon was on good form as he so often is, knocked out in Q2 on friday he made it into SQ3 on saturday and started the sprint in p7 ahead of both of the Aston Martins which some some serious effort. He fell back in the sprint race to finish in P9 as Stroll put a very juciy move on him, In the race proper Albon was stuck in the mifield battle with the likes of Gasly Ocon and the Haas pair and was unable to make progress, still last year Williams would have just fallen off the back of this pack so they are improving.

AlphaTauri: What a nightmare of a weekend for De Vries. A good practice session on friday was his highlight of the weekend, from here it just went downhill. A crash in Q1 meant he would start the race from last position. Sprint qualy was a little better in that he did not hit anything but was still at the back, in the sprint race contact with his teammate ruined Yuki’s race (although I do think it wasnt actually Nyck’s fault), in the race proper De Vreis made a silly rookie error and turned into the barrier bringing out the SC. For somebody who has come into f1 with so much hype and in a team not known for patience with driver it is not a good look from De Vries. The fact that none of the RV juniors in F2 are doing that well may help him. But Lawson doing well in the umfamialr Japan could be his downfall… Outside the obvious candidates, Tsuonda has been one of the strongest drivers this year and the person I was referring too in the Haas review . In what is a very weak car he has challenged for points in every race, nothing no other midfield driver has done. He was sublime in friday qualifying by getting into Q3 and even beating Stroll and Piastri. Sprint Qualy went less well and he was out in SQ1 and then had contact with his teammate. In the race proper he unsurprinsgly lost out to Stroll at the start and was due to how the race played out stuck in the Ocon-Hulk train, but did have a great battle with Piastri at the restart. Yuki shadowed Lando for the whole race and never let him out of sight to finish a great P10. Yuki has been flying under the radar this year, he is the most improved driver of the year by far currently.

McLaren: Into Baku Mclaren came with some upgrades and all season they have been saying that wiat for Baku as that is when the season would get up and running, This proved to be correct as the Papaya cars took a step forward. Both cars got into Q3 proper with Piastri grabbing a tow off Lewis hamilton which ended up dumping out George Russell, Piastri is closer to Norris than Ricciardo was and replacing him is the right move. Ricciardo would have missed out on Q3 here. The quirk of the rules meant Norris didnt have any fresh softs left for SQ3 which he made at the expense of Piastri on Saturday but this likely made little difference to either. In the sprint Piastri drover around on the mediums and was unable to make hay on the points as these were locked out by the top 4 teams but he did beat Norris who was on the softs and struggled. In the race proper both were on the Medium-Hard strategy and both were part of the group behind Ocon and the Hulk with the Mclaren poor straight line speed emaning Norris could not get Hulkenburg until his tyres went off and Piastri could not take Tsuonda. With 4 teams being a cut above the midfield it now means the p7 Lando always got is now p9 without issues for others and this is what he got, Norris will soon be the top midfield driver of the season as he is stronger than the Alpine boys and the AT is too weak to keep the equally well performing Tsuonda in the game

Mercedes: The Merc was not that bad in Baku to be fair to them, they were a bit unlucky to finish behind Sainz and Alonso (the top 3 were in another league). Lewis was the stronger driver all weekend despite his off colour performance on Saturday with the sprint, getting mugged by Alonso was very un lewis like. I wont bash on him too hard here as he was the stronger driver in Baku. P5 in qualifying was a great performance consdeing Russell was knocked out in Q2 and in the race proper he was driving well and was screwed over by the SC, his laps after this was a reminder on why he is a 7 time champion as in 1 lap (and a straight) he was back ahead of Ocon, Hulkenburg and Russell. The move on Russell was particularly bold. An error from Stroll got Lewis another place and he hounded Sainz to the end, the Merc straight line speed putting pay to this. On paper this was Lewis’s weakest performance of the season, in reality it was not. This was a stronger drive than Jeddah for instance. Russell was off colour on friday and Sunday, Saturday he semeed to get his act gogteher and even had a battle with Max, the contact was nothing and ill talk about ti more in the red bull section. Apart from this Russell did little, he was done on the restart by Stroll and then by Lewis, he shouldnt have lost any of those positions and he then followed stroll home and did at least get FL. is lewis getting the upper hand this season?

Aston Martin: Aston were plagued by DRS issues all weekend which limited their qualifying pace in both sessions. In fact it took Alonso giving stroll a big slipstream to get Stroll through into SQ3, team work was a defining factor of AM’s weekend with the aforementioned tow, but also Stroll not attacking Alonso early on in the race and Alonso giving stroll brake bias advice. Alonso made progress in both races with a sweet move on lewis on the restart in the sprint race and then an even sweeter move on Carlos and Georege in the race proper. Alonso drove away from Sainz after this and was hounding the ferrari of Leclerc until the end, Alonso has had good tyre management all year but left it too late to push in baku and just finished behind Leclerc. Stroll had a weaker race, to his credit he made progress and all starts and restarts and in the race proper jumped yuki and Lando at the start and then Russell on the restart, a error out the final corner cost him the place to Hamilton but it wa sa decent race and more points from Stroll. Baku on paper really does not suit the Aston martin so it was a good result they were able to beat Mercedes in the race and 1 Ferrari and still almost get a podium. They have taken a massive leap.

Ferrari: The best weekend of the season so far for Ferrari. Sainz was off the pace of his teammate all weekend and by a good new tenths in each session. In the sprint Sainz just drove around behind Russell and did nothing, he was doing the same in the first stint of the race proper running in p4, but got done at the restart by Fernando Alonso. Sainz’s pace after this was horrible relatively speaking and he finished some 20 or so seconds behind Leclerc. Speaking of Leclerc he was the strongest driver of the weekend in my view. He got pole position in both of the sessions with some stunning laps which were on the proper edge, Leclerc is the strongest qualfyer on the grid without any shadow of a doubt. He did have a little bump at the end of SQ3 but oh well, that was his only blot of the weekend. Both races for him were the same story as he was unable to keep up with the pace of the mighty red bull, the damage for Max meant he was able to hold on to P2 however. In the race proper Charles soon dropped back down to p3 and was unable to do anything about the Red Bulls, his race at this point therefore was just making sure he kept ahead of the rest of the runners in the battle for 3rd. Leclerc drove away from Sainz and was able to keep the tyre friendly Aston martin of Alonso behind as well to claim a superb podium. Great driving for Leclerc

Red Bull: Red Bull are all conqeuering at the moment and it Perez who shone in Baku over max. They made it 1-1 in the 2 qualifying sessions held this weekend. In the sprint race Max had his issues with Russell which he massively blew out of proportion, yes the car was damaged and quite badly but it is the sort of thing that can, and does, happen on lap one and is nothing getting worked up about. Max should expect Russell to fight hard here (as he has done in the past) as the Red Bull in faster and getting track position over it is what you need to do. The damage meant that Max was unable to challenge perez or Leclerc in the sprint. The race proper started better for Max as he took the lead early and Perez followed through and was shadowing Max. Max was unlucky with the SC timing and Red Bull got it wrong. This gifted Perez the lead and Charles second (which max soon took back) Perez then did an excellent job to keep max at bay and he never got into the DRS zone, perez was consistent and good on the tyres and in this stint outdrove his teammate to get the win. Yes, max was unlculy with the SC but Perez drove superbly and you cannot take that away from him
Whoa, hulk lucky to get away with that, lost the rear wnd at the fiddly chicane
Original post by Andrew97
Whoa, hulk lucky to get away with that, lost the rear wnd at the fiddly chicane

Just warming up his rears
Bit surlsuing to see checo ahead of max,
Hamitkon has pitted. Said his front wing hit the wall
A haas was slowing ahead of hamitlon. Hamilton cpusont avoid and hit the wall.

Impending noted for the Haas but Hamilton was nit on a fast lap so can’t see action
Original post by Andrew97
Hamitkon has pitted. Said his front wing hit the wall

KMag was slow and in theory impeded but no idea if anything will happen
Leclerc and max nowhere near as fast as fp3 suggested
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KMag was slow and in theory impeded but no idea if anything will happen

Both were on slow laps mags is entitled the slow up there.
What is it with sainz impeding people in quali this year
Mags Hamilton incident to be investigated after the session
KMag and lewis incident will be investigated after the quali
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