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Official 2023 formula one Thread

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Original post by Andrew97
My livery rankings so far
1) Alfa Romeo
2) Aston Martin
3) Red Bull
4) Williams
5) McLaren
6) alpha Tauri

Oof, I have a completely different taste:

1) aston
2) Alpha Tauri
3) williams
4) red bull
5) alfa romeo
6) haas
Looking so far..

Williams - Dropped the Mercedes idea of last year in favour of a conventional Red Bull clone.

Alpha Tauri - Evolution of last year

Haas - The 2022 Ferrari had a baby

Alpha Romeo - As expected, the love child of the Red Bull and Ferrari.

McLaren - Strangely, less agressive than last year's. A devolution of last year. Not really sure where they've gone here but they might have needed the room.

Aston - Much more developed rear and very agressive sidepod. Most agressive so far.

As for for livery..

1) Aston
2) Red Bull
3) Alpha Romeo
4) McLaren
5) Haas
6) Williams

If there is a team hiding something for testing, i suspect it's McLaren.
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Til fiorano can have grandstands. I wonder if they will drive the car from factory to circuit like a few years ago
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Thought Charles was going to do a Stefano at rb launch for a minute 😅
About to unveil it now
It's an evo of last year with more exposed carbon but in a better fashion than alfa
Cool, shakedown test will be broadcast live. Never have I seen it before
Leclerc is doing the 1st laps after a coin flip. This is cringy but in a playful way
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Italian jesus, Schwarzman and 2 ferrari female juniors on stage now.
Shame doriane pin isn't in ferraris wec programme as she dominated last year's challenge series against some top rated drivers. Instead she will be joining lambos wec programme with grosjean. She even won her class (gold cup) in spa 24 hours last year / 18th overall despite being her 1st 24h race despite being 18 at the time
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Charles will do 2 laps, Carlos 3 today and the proper shakedown tomorrow
She looks a beauty on track. Charles is pushing it
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Cheesy humour: cringe done right 😂
Dunno if it's a statement of intent or worry that ferrari are doing everything live. Also wonder how different it will look last year. Need to see pics to confirm changes in in full but the sidepods undercut is definitely unique.

Charles seems very happy now vs earlier
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That feeling when you're at work and everyone else is enjoying a nice car launch :frown:
Ferraris are red, red bulls are blue, bear with me now, here's a sf-23 for you

Mercedes w14 launch will be at 9:15 gmt on YouTube and sky
Back to black baby!!!!
Mercs look better in black than silver. The black is all exposed carbon with some black paint. Definitely an evo of last years car so far.

Front end
Still using the BMW kidney grills on the nose. Front wing is (like most of the grid this year) inspired by the f1-75 but aren't using the vortex generators on the Sf23 or their Austin test wing. Endplate seem to be a legal development of their floating end plates from last year which were banned.

Stuck with pushrod front and pullrod rear.

Main body
Top SIS looks smaller than last year but lower tip appears more detailed.
In terms of cooling, sidepods inlets look slightly bigger / are a different shape to the extent that it is extended further back / down washing a bit. Also they have eliminated vents and gone for the Canon outlet like most of the grid.

To me, I reckon will change a lot between now and 1st few races
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