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Official 2023 formula one Thread

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Was wondering what happened to mini
Colapinto restart noted. As lomg as he didn’t break any rules and maintained his low speed they can’t do anything to him
Colapinto leds Marti and collet stills. Then there’s a gap back to the prema lair of Aaron and Beganovic
Both sc restarts to be investigated after the race.
Damn those prema going at it
Marti looks to have broken drs
Pepe Marti wins! Colapinto 2nd and collet 3rd
Practice 3 done, merc are confusing us
Alonso's gonna stick it on pole
Original post by wkathryn17
Alonso's gonna stick it on pole

Top 5 I reckon is going to be both red bulls, alonso, leclerc and either Hamilton or sainz.
In what order have no idea but reckon max and alonso will be top 3
Really irks me how nissany is still in F2.

In anycase, it's the f1 sprint race now with Ralph boschung on pole from roman stanek and Arthur leclerc.

Benavides will start at the back after stalling on the grid.
Is it me or did a lot of drivers jump the start, they went just before lights went out.

Iwasa goes up to p2. Leclerc was briefly p3
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Boschong leads lecle4c and Iwasa. Slow start Stanek
Iwasa up to second matins on the move
Martins is rapidly rapid
Martins rakes lecl3d and pouchaire gets Hauger

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